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I am a wife, mother of four; no make that six kids now, and mother-in-law to two. I am a daughter, (adopted), sister, and child of God. A native Kansan transplanted into Texas. A former accountant, turned farmwife, turned minister’s wife and long time career stay at home mom. I love to read, bake and date my husband.

20150905-DSC_1664I started out with dreams of living in a big city, working as an accountant, having season tickets to the local baseball team, and traveling for work and pleasure. Then I cashed in those plans to pursue other dreams of motherhood and life with the man of my dreams on the wide-open plains of western Kansas. Leaving life as a career accountant behind, but taking those skills to our farm business and enjoying the ability to be at home full time with my children.  I could bake often, listen to the ballgames on the radio on my combine during wheat harvest, and read late into the night.

It was a wonderful life with my goal of four children complete. Then my husband’s dreams began to change and he was ready to trade in his tractor time for ministering to others full time.  So I left my lovingly designed kitchen and home behind, packed up the kids, sold the farm equipment, rented out our house and farm and headed south.

Twelve years later we now find ourselves in the fourth largest city in the U.S., Houston, Texas.  We have two son-in-laws and two more “sons” that needed a home and I am still cooking. I now travel for pleasure, I don’t have season tickets, but I do catch some local baseball games and I am still reading into the night, though not as late!

As my stay at home mom career is nearing its end, I am finally getting back to another first love…writing.  I have 26 years of stored up ponderings and ramblings in my head and I must record some of them. Besides, the guys in my house don’t really want to listen to all the details of my thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Molly,
    You brought tears to my eyes! So much of that I never knew about you and I am proud to call you my cousin and sister-in-Christ. You are such an inspiration to me and I look forward to gleaning some wisdom from you. I never knew you loved to write, yet another precious something we have in common. :o) Keep spinning that Fine China (thanks for the timely and thought-provoking lesson – I needed it!) and touching the lives of so many people, as you have my own. Love you!