Don’t Give Up Hope for Haiti

How you can make a difference now

Hello everyone on this beautiful autumn (hot) day.  I realize it is no so beautiful for everyone, especially on the East Coast where our friends are still cleaning up from Hurricane Matthew. Please remember to pray for those affected and those helping them.  The poorest of the poor in our hemisphere were hit head on in Haiti.  As you know I was privileged to visit Haiti in July.  You can read more about my trip and my experience in my post “There is Hope for Haiti”.  If you feel called to help those who are affected one great organization you can help with Hope for Haiti’s Children.  They have been on the ground for 20 years in Haiti and have an excellent record of stewardship and efficiency in their organization.  Currently they are using at least one of their school/church buildings to house Haitians who have whose homes have been washed away.  The crops of these people have been lost along with their charcoal businesses.  It is a desperate situation for a nation who already struggled with great poverty.   If you would like to donate, click here.


Children at Hope for Haiti Thomazeau

Another organization that I am somewhat familiar with is Live Beyond.  This faith-based, humanitarian medical facility was started in 2010 when Dr. Vanderpool and his wife Laurie moved full time to build a facility that could bring medical and maternal care to the residents of the region of Thomazeau.  They also offer clean water and education to help build the community into a more independent, healthy region.  Live Beyond is also very transparent and financially responsible.  I have friends who visit here often, in fact a small medical team just returned.  To donate to Live Beyond, click here.

I have to admit that is hard to be hopeful for Haiti with such devastation, but please don’t give up praying and offering support to these desperate people  There is so much being done in the name of Christ to help these people.  While we hear of ongoing corruption, these two organizations have incredible records of faithfulness and integrity.  I have no doubt the adults and children they are helping are going to change the future of their country.


My friend Kenzie with her new friends at Live Beyond

If you have seen the images and have been called to give, please consider these two organizations.  Your offering will be put to immediate and worthwhile use.



Please note I do not personally benefit in any way from your donation, I simply want to offer you a great place to give that I have seen first hand.


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