Happy Memorial Day

A couple of things to ponder

On this Memorial Day, I know most of you will not be reading a blog post so I am going to keep it short.  I first just want to remind you that while this is a great time to relax and connect with family and friends or maybe tackle a household chore, we could not enjoy any of this if not for the sacrifices of generations of men and women who paid with their lives for our freedom.  We would also not enjoy this if not for the grace of our Lord, who has blessed America with these freedoms.  I pray today that we will not take these freedoms for granted and will do everything on our part to preserve them.

So for today I have two short things to encourage you with:  one to read, one to listen to.


The first is my Memorial Day post from last year. entitled “Decoration Day“.   It is a little history about how we got this holiday and what I learned from visiting the cemetery every year.

The second is an amazing series of podcast episodes that I heard this week that I would love for every young mother and dad to listen to.  Download and listen as you are driving or, like me, while you are cleaning the house; they are only 25 minutes long.  It is probably the best summary of advice and perspective I have ever heard in a short summary and it is from Dr. Meg Meeker who is a pediatrician, professor, author and most importantly, mom.  She has incredible wisdom and perspective and I think you will enjoy her advice.

There is so much pressure among mothers today and most are feeling like a hamster on a wheel.  This is a three part series that will offer you a break to step back this weekend and consider the choices you are making in your role as mothers.  She was interviewed on Family Life Today and here are the podcast links:

Enjoy the rest of today and relax.  It is all going to work out, think of problems in light of previous generations; we have it good.

Thanks for reading my blog and let me know your thoughts on these podcasts.


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