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Why the name TheWishedFor?  For most of my life, I have thought my name Molly, being a derivative of Mary, meant “bitter or rebellious”.  Which most of my family will tell you that through the years this name has been very fitting.  Being adopted at birth, and having met my birth family, my birth mom’s given name was Maura…also a derivative of Mary.  Again, the name seem to fit.

Recently, however, my daughter Natalie did a google search of my name and found the English version to also mean “wished for”. This was a really cool thing for me because I have began working on my book, which chronicles my life on all sides of the adoption issue.  Someday I will write more about this, but to my parents I was “wished for”.  The fact is, we are all “wished for”!  God values all life and has known all of us before we were born.  There are NO mistakes, accidents, or unwanted children.  God wants us all and he wishes for us to be close to him!


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